The Churchyard: October 1904

On all sides the improvement in the condition of the Churchyard is being applauded, but we cannot help fearing that it will not long retain its present neatness, unless those who frequent it and those who have friends buried there, and the parishioners generally, take that interest in it which it deserves.
Dead flowers and rubbish are still thrown about in a reckless way instead of being carefully put out of sight in the many places where it may be done; and children are allowed to run about over the graves and to amuse themselves by trying to loosen the monuments by pushing them backwards and forwards where there is a possibility of their doing so.
A few people have endeavoured to rearrange the tiles which surround the graves, but only a few as yet. After a few weeks those which are in disorder will be removed altogether. They cannot be allowed to disfigure God’s acre as they do at present.
Some of the most straggling shrubs have been considerably trimmed and many of the wildest growths have been removed, but there are still some large trees, which are well grown in themselves, which have reached to such a height that they must be taken away entirely. They are occupying far more space than the graves on which they were planted.

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