The Day School - 1893


Balance Sheet for the Year ended January 31st, 1893
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Our expenses were unusually heavy last year, owing (1) to the need of a new infant gallery, (2) to sanitary requirements, and (3) to an unavoidable increase in the salaries of the assistant staff. It will be seen that we have consumed the balance which we had in hand at the commencement of the year; and we can only trust that a good grant, and the willing and liberal help of our subscribers, will set us right again. The accounts were duly audited at the Committee Meeting on February 2nd, when it appeared that we had 2 Subscribers of more than £3, twenty of £1 up to £2 2s, and sixty-six of 10s 6d. and under, making a total of eighty-eight Subscribers. This shows a considerable increase in the number of small subscriptions, which speaks well for the popularity of the School, and we doubt whether any School in the town can show a better record; but we cannot do without the liberal sympathy of our larger Subscribers, and we trust that they will lend a willing ear to our indefatigable collector (Miss Lambe), to whom our best thanks are constantly due.
The Report of H.M. Inspector has not yet arrived.


At a meeting of the Committee, held on March 20th, Mr. H. Grover was unanimously elected on the Board of Management, in the palace of the late Mr. J.C. Lucas.
The Report for the year was received, which was as follows:- “The School shows much the same strong and weak points as last year : Reading, Oral number, and Grammar being the weak subjects. Seeing how many changes there have been in the staff, it is satisfactory to find no falling off in the work. The Infants’ Class is in a very fair condition, and shows promise for the future. The staff should be at once strengthened, so as to meet the requirements of the Code.”
The amount of Annual Grant was £105 7s. 6d., together with £1 7s. For Drawing, the total was £5 18s. in excess of last year’s Grant. The deficiency in the staff of the School was caused by the fact that E. Verrall was compelled to leave us, through the illness of her mother. Steps are being taken to fill her place.
The average attendance for the year was 129.
Prizes were offered by the Rector and Mrs. Perfect, Mrs. R. Brown, Miss Bacon, Mrs. Blaker, Mrs. Weston, and Mrs. J. Peeling, for good attendance and needlework. The School was open 429 times, and Elizabeth Tims was not absent once, and takes the first prize. The following Children are also rewarded for having attended more than 420 times:- Edith Waghorn, John Blackman, Arthur Wares, Catherine Wicks, Gertrude Urey, Susan Davis, Maud Funnell, Beatrice Smith, George Bish, Sydney Funnell, Jane Thorpe, and Fred Potter.
The Needlework Prizes have been taken by Louisa Brooker, Annie Christopher, Rose Waters, Agnes Gander, Louise Lavender, and Elizabeth Card.
A further Prize was offered by Mrs. Weston for the child who is best loved by all her companions, on account of her gentleness, truth, and honour. The decision was arrived at by the votes of the whole School, and Edith Waghorn was the winner.
The Prizes were distributed on Thursday, March 30th, at 12 noon.

The following appointments have been made:-
Miss Ethel Nurse, our former Pupil Teacher, to be an additional Teacher on the staff.
Miss Mabel Cox to be an additional Teacher, subject to the approval of H.M. Inspector.
Miss Grace Holmes to be Infant Monitress.
School Treat
Mrs. Currey has kindly offered the use of her field. We well remember how enjoyable it was there last year. Particulars as to the arrangements will be sent to the Subscribers, who are cordially invited to be present. Miss Perfect will be glad to receive contributions from new Subscribers.

The Scripture examination took place on June 5th, the Inspector (the Rev. J. P. Davies) reported that progress had been made in religious knowledge in the big School, that the oral answers were quite satisfactory and the singing nice; and he added that the Infant Class acquitted itself creditably.
The holidays will commence on July 28th.

The Duke of York’s Wedding Day
The Mayor and Corporation, as is well known, have led the way, and the children, through the kindness and liberality of our Townspeople, are to have the enjoyment of a Special Fete on July 6th. The Children will be massed on the Day School basis, but the Committee hope that Sunday School Teachers will give their valuable service, and so does our Rector, on whom some responsibility lies. Full particulars will be made known before long, but meanwhile we would ask Parents to impress upon their children the absolute necessity of strict obedience to their Teachers when collected together in large numbers.
The School Treat
With an unexpectedly fine day, heaps of kind friends who cared not how they laboured for the children’s pleasure, and the delightful grounds around Malling Deanery placed at our disposal by a host and hostess who came and mingled with our crowd, the treat was bound to be a success – barring accidents; and so indeed it was. Never were we present at one which was more thoroughly enjoyable. The merriment never flagged for a minute, and all without the slightest suspicion of roughness or rowdyism. The Rector begs to thank all who contributed in any way to the day’s enjoyment, especially remembering Mr Gardner and his coloured fire.
A new and exceedingly handsome banner has been presented to the School by Miss Lambe and Miss Calway, to take the place of that which has headed our processions for the last 25 years, but of the same design, which could not be improved upon. They deserve and have our best thanks.

The holidays commenced on Friday, July 28th, and will terminate on Monday, August 28th. The attendance has suffered greatly of late through the illness which has been so prevalent. We trust that plenty of fresh air in the holidays may bring about a better state of things. It was wonderful how well the children were on the Duke of York’s Wedding Day! And, by the bye, how nice they looked and how creditably they behaved.
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